About Plymouth City Council



Plymouth City Council plays a central leadership role in place-shaping and facilitating effective systems leadership.

We have a hugely exciting growth programme for the city with strengths in marine engineering, cultural industries, health and care. We are home to the first national marine park and preparations are underway for our Freeport.

Political Structure

The city is divided into 20 wards with 57 councillors in total. There are 17 wards represented by three local councillors and three wards represented by two local councillors. Following the most recent elections, there are:

42 Labour

7 Conservative

3 Independent

2 Green

2 Independent Group

1 Free Independent

City Vision – Britain’s Ocean City

One of Europe’s most vibrant waterfront cities, where an outstanding quality of life is enjoyed by everyone.


Our Mission

Making Plymouth a fairer, greener city, where everyone does their bit.


Our Values

Plymouth is a place where people can have their say about what is important to them and where they are empowered to make change happen.

We take responsibility for our actions, we are accountable for their impact on others and the environment and expect others to do the same.

We will be honest and open in how we act. We will treat everyone with respect, champion fairness and create opportunities.

We will provide strong community leadership, working with residents, communities and businesses to deliver common ambition.


Our Priorities

  • Working with the Police to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour

  • Fewer potholes, cleaner, greener streets and transport

  • Build more homes - for social rent and affordable ownership

  • Green investment, jobs, skills and better education

  • Working with the NHS to provide better access to health, care and dentistry

  • Keeping children, adults and communities safe

  • Providing quality public services

  • Trusting and engaging our communities

  • Focusing on prevention and early intervention

  • Spending money wisely

  • Empowering and engaging our staff

  • Being a strong voice for Plymouth


We Deliver On Our Commitments By:

  • Empowering our people to deliver
  • Providing a quality service to get the basics right first time
  • Engaging with and listening to our residents, businesses, and communities
  • Providing value for money
  • Championing Plymouth regionally and nationally


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