Our responsibilities

We work with publicly funded organisations and firmly believe that good leadership plays a crucial role in successful service delivery.

We also believe that we have a responsibility to do what we can to support the organisations, communities and individuals that we, and our clients, work with. We do this in a number of ways;




We commission new research into leadership effectiveness and share the insight gained with our clients.

This investment helps build greater understanding and ultimately greater leadership capability, supporting our clients to make a difference.


Removing barriers

Our approach is carefully designed to help reduce unconscious bias, creating a level ‘playing field’ for all talent.

We are committed to expanding and developing different leadership talent pools by looking beyond the obvious, finding those with potential as well as experience.


Pro bono programme

Our people are committed to undertake pro bono work that matches their skills and expertise with the needs of their communities, enabling us to play a direct role in making a positive difference.

Faerfield are committed to providing a number of paid days a year to enable them to do so.