Virtual Interviewing

Published: 16/04/20
Virtual Interviewing


There’s a huge amount of advice available on the best way to prepare for a virtual interview, we’ve cherry picked the best tips for you here. Many, if not all, may seem very obvious… but they are often overlooked!

1. Be Present – You’ve done your research and you’re ready; only you’ve forgotten to turn off your email notifications and switch off your phone… remove all distractions.

2. Connectivity – If joining from home and depending on your broadband bandwidth, you may want to schedule a time when you are the only person using your Wi-Fi.

3. Trial Run – Call a friend and assess the camera angle and height; this should be at a suitable distance to frame your head and shoulders.  Check your device is stable and consider the lighting and sound quality too. And remember, no-one wants to see up your nose!

4. BYOB – No, not that, that’s for when you’re offered the job! Consider whether you ‘Blur Your Own Background’. Irrespective of whether your surroundings are immaculate or cluttered, you don’t want that to be a distraction.

5. Look The Part – This is a business meeting and business dress is essential. You may be interrupted by a colleague, your children, your pet or lose your connection and may have to stand up! 

6. Build Rapport –  If this is a panel interview, someone will Chair the meeting and  introduce themselves and each panel member to welcome you. Try to engage with your interviewers just as you would in a face to face meeting.

7. Body Language – Eye contact is vital. Looking your interviewers in the eye and addressing each one individually when responding to questions is critical, just as it is during a face to face interview. Looking at the centre of your screen appears to give the best eye contact. Most of the virtual meeting providers offer split screens for separate participants; acknowledge each interviewer with engaging body language.

8. Pause – There is often a delay with virtual meetings, listen to the questions and discussion and pause rather than trying to answer immediately. It also gives you some thinking time.

9. Technology – We love it, but sometimes it lets us down. Relax, there are things beyond your control and it may not be perfect, so do your best not to become frustrated. ‘Turning it off and on again’ is often the answer.

10. Be Yourself – As with face to face, potential employers want to see the real you and your personality.

Enjoy your interview and best of luck!


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