Lennox Fitchett

Consultant - Executive Interim

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Lennox has developed a robust professional background in recruitment and talent acquisition, particularly within the public and third sectors. Beginning his career in compliance, he honed his skills in applying legislative frameworks and ensuring quality assurance in staffing practices. Over the past four years, he has transitioned into recruitment, obtaining CertRP status through key qualifications, demonstrating his dedication to continuous  professional development, personal growth and expertise.

He is a staunch advocate for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (ED&I) in the workplace and has taken proactive steps to champion ED&I initiatives with an unwavering commitment to fostering a fair and equitable workforce, reflecting his deep-rooted belief in social responsibility within his industry. Lennox's passion for the public and third sectors extends beyond his professional responsibilities. He actively engages in voluntary work with charities that align with his values and interests, further illustrating his commitment and dedication to contributing meaningfully to causes he cares about.

Driven and motivated by a commitment to delivering quality results, Lennox leverages his extensive network to provide top-tier solutions to his clients. His blend of recruitment expertise, dedication to ED&I, and involvement in charitable endeavours positions him as a valuable asset in his field and able to support organisations to deliver positive change and a more inclusive workplace.


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